feminism is for everyone – bell hooks

The Center for Feminist Futures supports and promotes research, teaching, creative work, and public engagement in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies from intersectional, interdisciplinary, and global perspectives. To accelerate progress toward a more just future for all, the Center is committed to advancing efforts that translate and disseminate gender scholarship to broader publics, formulate new visions of feminist futures, and promote these visions in local, national, and global contexts. Our work aims to be collaborative and inclusive by engaging and establishing dialogue with a variety of audiences, including policy-makers, activists, educators, elected officials, philanthropic partners, and wider communities in Santa Barbara and around the world.

Nearly 70% of young women identify as feminist.

In a world characterized by inequalities and injustices, young people see feminism not only as empowering, but essential to transforming our present and future worlds.

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