feminism is for everyone – bell hooks


The Center for Feminist Futures aims to be a leader in fostering feminist scholarship and learning for UCSB and beyond. Our work is grounded in commitments to work that is intergenerational, intersectional, transnational, transdisciplinary, and transformative scholarship.

To accelerate progress toward a more just future for all, the Center is committed to advancing efforts that translate and disseminate scholarship to the broader public, formulate new collaborative visions of feminist futures, and promote these visions in local, national, and global contexts. We aim to build bridges between academic disciplines, generations, geographies, and histories to learn from the past while demonstrating how indispensable diverse feminisms are for establishing equality, rights, and gender justice in the twenty-first century.


The goals of the Center for Feminist Futures are fourfold:

  • To promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research
  • To support community-engaged research, public scholarship, and intergenerational dialogue
  • To expand opportunities for experiential and praxis-based learning
  • To foster thriving feminist communities of hope, rest, and sustenance